I WON!!!

I have never won anything in my life, well, that’s not entirely true, but isn’t that what everyone says when they win something? A few days ago my buddy and second shooter for the day Basheer Khan had just finished a video shoot. We got done a little early and decided to head on over to our local photographic candy shop, Studio 22. They were having an open day with various guest speakers. Long story short they had everyone put their names down on a form and these would go into a lucky draw to win some prizes. I pencilled in my name and particulars and forgot about it as one usually does. Imagine my surprise the next morning when Richard from Studio 22 calls me to say I had won one of the prizes. The prize was one of the better ones too. I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Manfrotto 680B monopod. Thank to Studio 22 for the awesome prize. You have always been my first stop for any of my photographic needs and you have cemented a relationship with me for a lifetime. I decided to take a picture of the monopod and did a little more than just lay it on the table, aim a camera at it and shoot. I got out the camera, lights, tripod and background and did it product photography style. Here is the picture of my new toy.

Jason Clark (1 of 1) copy

Studio 22 really is a great place with awesome people always will to help and go the extra mile, they have some wicked coffee too. Why not take a moment to have a look at their comprehensive website and see what they are all about. http://www.studio22online.co.za


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